Our Operation

From seed to shelf, Applied Botanics is a bio-science company owning and directing all aspects of the growth, manufacturing, and business operations.

Fully Vertical Process

1. Propagate

We are able to produce upwards of a million high quality hybrid clones per year using our BaOX hemp strain which is high in CBD and performs exceptionally well in Kentucky’s climate and limestone rich soil.

2. Grow/Harvest

We own and operate nearly 250 acres of naturally fertilized land while also enlisting farmers that add an additional 700 acres when needed. Other farmers buy clones from us to ensure quality and opportunity for yielding high results.

3. Extraction

We operate both CO2 and Ethanol extraction and can process over 120lbs of biomass per hour while producing and bottling up to 1+ million bottles (30ml) per month.

4. Formulation

Our state-of-the-art reactor that can nano emulsify/reduce molecular size of CBD which allows for improved bioavailability. Our proprietary in-house formulations provide a better taste while adding targeted and advanced care for specific ailments.

5. Products

We currently offer a full line of CBD tinctures for humans and pets. In coming months we will add a line of topical products including massage oils, beard oils, roll-ons, creams & lotions to help a wider variety of customers.

Testing and Transparency

We enact a five stage testing procedure to ensure the highest quality product.

Third Party Testing

We believe in testing. We test our soil, plants, extracted material and our products. We then test efficacy through scientific assistance.

Certificate of Analysis

We celebrate the quality of our products and ensure they are what we claim they are. Our results are posted publicly and readily available on our website.