Providing interested parties the means to create their own CBD-infused products.

Our Advantage

  • In house R&D
  • Large grow operation (240 acres)
  • State-of-the-art, pharmaceutical grade equipment
  • Controlled manufacturing, production & shipping
  • Willingness to share our IP or develop new custom products

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Case Study

Expanding the reach of Applied Botanics. 

Our partnership with Brothers Artisan Oil has two separate sides, collaboration and consultation. Our companies will collaborate on joint product efforts, while providing product consultation in the industries we specialize in. Our first product collaboration is the Brothers Artisan Oil Grooming Oil with CBD and the Applied Botanics Body Oil and Pain Relief Roll On.

Q&A with Brothers Artisan Oil:

Owen and Marie Shea, Founders of Brothers Artisan Oil

Why CBD?
“Why did we want to make a CBD product? Our company has always been about harnessing the properties of nature’s best ingredients to benefit our customers–CBD falls right in line with that mission, and AB’s is the best.”

Our Partnership
“We’d describe our collaboration project as a marriage of the best of the best– award winning beard oil with indie work ethic meets high tech, top of its field CBD.”

“Our favorite thing about working with AB so far has definitely been the way our common goal and shared values has furthered not just the collaboration, but independent projects as well. The collaborative, energetic atmosphere is inspiring.”

Our Relationship
“We received an inquiry from Justin at Applied Botanics that was passed on to Owen, he was interested, especially because Justin wanted to hop on a phone call. Owen greatly appreciates that type of direct communication, and it has been strong since!”

“The decision to work with AB was easy–the team is both focused and fun, great collaborators, a driven team, and everything just clicked from the first meeting.”